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An innovative new approach to fundraising now allows South Africans to give easily, quickly and regularly, combining these contributions, however small, with those of others who share their passion for a cause. 

The result is a sustainable funding stream for charities, causes and schools, enabling these organisations to multiply their impact in building a better world.

“We all want to contribute to building a better world. Americans are especially known for their generosity, philanthropy and willingness to help those who are less fortunate,” says Don Millar of Pledge-a-Portion. “Now Americans have an easy way to support the causes they care most about and to ensure their individual contributions make a big impact”. 

“By merging the latest trends in philanthropy and charitable funding with our cutting edge crowdfunding technology, Pledge-a-Portion makes it easy to find the causes closest to your heart, to contribute on a regular basis, and to enjoy peace of mind that your contribution is making a difference.

The regular contributions from each individual, no matter how small, pooled with other regular contributions, build up a sustainable funding stream that allows the causes to sustain and multiply its charitable efforts.”

The Pledge-a-Portion team has always prided itself on being on the cutting edge of innovations that make it easy for generous South Africans to contribute funding to worthy causes,” says Millar. “We are intent on becoming one of the world’s premier charity fundraising organisations, ensuring ever-more charities and causes can make an ever-bigger impact with the work they do.”

Pledge-a-Portion, a registered South African Non-Profit Organisation and Public Benefit Organisation approved under section 18A to issue tax-deductible receipts, has been in operation for over seven years, using donations from businesses, communities and individuals, to raise funds for various charities, non-profit organisations and schools in South Africa.

Company Info

Pledge-a-Portion, a registered Non-Profit Organisation and has been in operation for over seven years, using donations from businesses, communities and individuals, to raise funds for various charities, non-profit organisations and schools in South Africa and now in the US.

It spearheaded the “embedded giving” fundraising concept, in which a percentage of the purchase price of a product or service goes to a charity.

It also assists charities and causes with a range of other fundraising initiatives. 

  • Don Millar | Director

  • Joanne Kavanagh | Director

  • Bryan Smith | Trustee

Investment Highlights

Pledge-a-Portion, through its online crowdfunding platform www.pledgeaportion.org.za, allows South Africans to take their own pledge; browse through the causes, charities, schools and projects listed on the site and contribute regularly through the easy, secure Stripe online payment system.

As a registered charity and public benefit organisation, Pledge-a-Portion distributes the donations to the respective causes and organisations. 

Any cause, charity, school, non-profit organisation or project can setup their own page on www.pledgeaportion.org.za and promote it through their social media networks. There are no costs such as application or subscription fees, as Pledge-a-Portion instead retains 5% of the funds raised to cover the platform and other costs. 

How does donating work – watch our video: https://vimeo.com/220321084 

The most common campaigns include nonprofit organisations, schools, charities and social enterprises looking for funding for a social cause project, product or program; individuals or teams doing a challenge and raising funds for a charity or cause; and individuals looking for funding for a sick friend, family member or colleague.

All donations will receive a Rhino Force Bracelet:

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Financial Highlights


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R11,000 of R200,000

Invest Summary

  • Deal Type: Crowdfunding
  • Sponsor: Pledge a Portion
  • Hold Period: 1 YR
  • IRR: 0%
  • Funding Goal:R195,000
  • Investment Type: Charity
  • Min. Investment: R1,000
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